Project Activities

October 2023
Multiplier Event in Malta organised by VisMedNet and the European Parliament Liaison Office of Malta. The event was also focused on more and better participation of women in politics since it was synergised with the Week for Gender Equality celebrated by the European Parliament. The event was also addressed by the President of the European Parliament Dr Roberta Metsola and Maltese MEP Cyrus Engerer. The event developed into a good discussion where participants all participated.


October 2023
le LABA organised a public event in Bordeaux
that involved several stakeholders from the region. It was organised at the Hotel de la Region and the audience was organised in cooperation with regional authorities for youth. There was a large number of participants both in presence and online.

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October 2023
Graphstes de l'Ombre organised a series of events with teachers, university students and local education players to share the results and obtain feedback on the results of the project and prospects for future voter education in Europe.


October 2023
Uniamoci Onlus organised an event at the Danilo Dolci School in Palermo to share and test the results of the project with students and teachers giving a living example of how there can be transfer from youth to formal education in a school where future voters are and where teachers can emulate and adopt Pros4Democracy activities.

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October 2023
Youthfully Yours organised a public event
to publicise and share the results of the Pros4Democracy project. Young #voters tried and tested our results for better and more participation in #democracy. The event was held at the Gymnazium Trebisovska.

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October 2023
Public Event in Skopje organised by Journalists for Human Rights where the project, its philosophy and its mission to bring more young voters to participate in democratic processes with a critical mindset, to bring change within the medium term. The event was held at the Licenoski Art School.

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September 2023
Pilot Activity in Malta organised by VisMedNet engaging young people from tertiary education as young present and future voters. Tools from Pros4Democracy were used in a half day event of dialogue, training and socialising for young people.

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July 2023
Public Event in Ankara organised by Democracy & Law Association
during which the Pros4Democracy project was presented to a young audience who were given exposure to the philosophy, social mission and potential of the project, its impact on youth and democracy in Turkey and everywhere across Europe.

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June 2023
Youthfully Yours organised a pilot activity in Slovakia
 at a local Gymnasium engaging students and their educators in the testing of the tools produced as part of the Pros4Democracy project. They obtained valuable feedback from the exercise and at the same gave more visibility to the project.

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June 2023
Democracy & Law Association organised a pilot activity in Ankara
 sharing and testing results with students from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Ankara. The Activities featured open dialogue using the tools from the Pros4Democracy project and the topics covered illegal immigration, election propaganda, far right extremist parties and socio-economic justice.

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June 2023
Journalists for Human Rights organised a pilot activity in Skopje
 and this was organised in three sessions in three schools including two high schools and a medicine high school. The pilot engaged teachers and students and several tools from the Pros4Democracy were tried out to obtain feedback.


June 2023
Uniamoci Onlus organised a pilot activity in Palermo
 sharing and testing results with high school students. The pilot activity focused on socio emotional literacy and was very creative and participative. It was also an opportunity to feature transfer from youth to formal school education environments.

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April 2023
Training activity in Malta and an opportunity for another coordination meeting to test the Pros4Democracy materials with youths and to plan the coming months. The training was well attended by all the partners and all of them contributed to make this an extraordinary experience all round. Pros4Democracy joined forces with the NSTF Mini European Assembly so that youths took part in a European debate in the Maltese Parliament.

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March 2023
Le LABA organised a pilot activity in #Bordeaux as part of the effort to reach out to #youths and their #educators, sharing the tools from Pros4Democracy.
They discussed several activities that can help youths engage more and better in #democratic process. The activity was part of the Festival Imprimé founded by the Revue Far Ouest and Médianes.

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December 2022
Interim meeting in Marseille. The partners have now started a new phase of the project producing content and initiating the European debate on higher and better participation in democratic process. We will soon be organising pilot activities with youths in every country as well.

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July 2022
Interim meeting in Palermo
hosted by Uniamoci Onlus. Discussions about brand and use of digital tools for the production of the results of the project were an important part of this meeting. This was also an opportunity for the partners to experience inclusion activities in practice by Uniamoci Onlus.

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April 22
Kick-off meeting in Rome where the partners met for the first time. It has been a welcome get together again for some and a new friendship for others. The partners made plans for their joint activities in the coming weeks and months. Until we meet in Palermo we will start working on our project implementation. We have a lot to look forward to together.

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