VisMedNet Association was established in 2012 to bring together professionals from education, youth, and career development into one space in which they could explore and experiment new ways for innovation and rejuvenation in the three sectors. Over the years VisMedNet became a household name for Communities of Practice, learning communities, grassroots research and new experiments in learning through fruitful partnerships.


ValIda Association was established in June 2015 in Rome with the aim of carrying out research, experimentation and development of strategies for quality management in education, youth and society. It has been a partner in several EU funded projects taking on responsibilities for the monitoring of quality in management of projects and outputs, including impact, change brought about in partner organisations or in the professional / personal lives of beneficiaries as well as actual exploitation and sustainability potential in post project lifetime.



Youthfully Yours SK is a Non-governmental organisation located in Eastern part of Slovakia that empowers youths to be ambitious and competent eager to benefit their community. It strongly believes in the value of non-formal education and experiential learning. It organises various seminars, educational and training activities, cooperates with local schools, educational centres and universities to introduce innovative educational approaches of young people, youth leaders, and youth workers.

On the international level, it is part of numerous well-built partnerships and networks supported by different educational programmes and initiatives e.g. Erasmus+, Europe For Citizens, International Visegrad Fund, European Youth Foundation, European Solidarity Corps.






Journalists for Human Rights founded in 1999, is a non-governmental, non-profit and independent organisation working on the promotion and protection of citizens' access rights, democracy and poverty reduction. Furthermore, it actively works on the promotion of human health rights, safer environment and the improvement of quality of life both on domestic level and international level.
Its target is youths and their wellbeing.
To work on the development of democracy and to advocate youth policy reform.

- To protect citizens' interests related to human rights (access to information, participation and access to justice);
- To promote democracy;
- To strengthen the rule of law;
- To promote sustainable development in SDGs


Associazione Uniamoci Onlus is a non profit organisation, established in 2008 in Palermo (Italy) to work with people with disabilities (aged 18 – 40) in order to foster they inclusion in the society through skills development, inclusive volunteering, raising  social awareness activities, creation of educational methodologies and tools, international cooperation. The main elements of its working strategy are empowerment, accessibility (in terms of language, facilitation methodology and physical environment) and diversity (in terms of cultural background, age, abilities, sexual orientation, professional profile, concerns with justice).


Democracy and Law Youth Association was established in 2018 as a  student community in Ankara. Our main aim is to promote the values of democracy and raise awareness about the rule of law and the responsibilities of youth. Democracy and Law community works in the youth field to promote the inclusion of young people through human values. Democracy and Law Association’s goal is to encourage lifelong learning and to make a natinnal and international impact directly targeted at young people. 


The Association des Graphistes de l'Ombre, European Network for Responsible Communication, was created in 2006 in Marseille.
It is a network composed of professionals from the fields of training, communication and design, which operates in a participatory democracy to promote responsible communication, which for us means :
- conscious, benevolent and attentive
- that respects the free will and cultural prisms of each individual,
- socially useful, not just for profit,
- that works to preserve the environment,
- that promotes a sustainable and equitable society
The pedagogical added value of our creative practices gradually leads our participants towards a harmonious "living together" characterised by mutual respect, fluidity in the expression of intercultural emotions and the ability to work in a process of collective intelligence.


Le LABA is a pole of competence pool founded in 2013 in Nouvelle-Aquitaine (France). The LABA team produces and co-produces cultural cooperation projects, in the sectors of performing arts, culinary arts, tangible and intangible heritage, tourism and media. A non-profit association, it is highly engaged in local, national and international networks and work closely with local authorities, educational institutions and youth groups on cross-sectoral projects to develop educational curricula and teaching strategies with international good practice dimension. Le LABA has significant experiences in promoting social inclusion of vulnerable marginalised groups via creative/cultural avenues, working to improve the learning, social inclusion and life opportunities of youths.