P4D19...bring youths and partners together in a meaningful manner to:
1. learn and acquire competencies on the 4 literacies for critical voting pooling knowledge and specific expertise from the partners and building on it,
2. set up a common cross border EU level debate promoting critical voting literacy and
3. bring a European voice to their communities conveying what they learnt through the testing of the new innovative resources within their communities to EU institutions specifically through the drawing up of a Memorandum that aims to put critical voting literacy on the agenda.

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NEW INNOVATIVE YOUTH TRAINING RESOURCES PROPOSING INTERACTIVE ACTIVITIES CONVEYING CRITICAL VOTING LITERACY THAT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR YOUTH AND EDUCATION PROFESSIONALS on media, social justice and socio-emotional literacies, on how democracy must not be taken for granted and higher awareness of the importance of citizens engagement in democratic (if not also political) life.

A NEW FORUM OF DEBATE ON THE STATE OF DEMOCRACY IN DIFFERENT PARTS OF EUROPE AND ON EUROPEAN DEMOCRATIC VALUES engaging youth professionals and youths, upping their communicative competences and confidence to participate in debate with sound and articulated arguments in local, national and EU level

A HIGHER POSITION OF THE NEED OF CRITICAL VOTING LITERACY ON THE AGENDA in the form of a Memorandum to EC institutions on the need for more education on the 4 literacies from early years and throughout life on issues, agendas and more sophisticated strategies and technologies of social media.

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