P4D2 Since most communication and information is now distributed online the EC has launched a strategy to tackle "the spread of online disinformation and misinformation to ensure the protection of European values and democratic systems" bearing the #FactsMatter tag.

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Pros4Democracy promotes
a. critical voting literacy through social media based debate on
b. media literacy,
c. socio-emotional literacy and
d. social justice literacy.

"Disinformation is "verifiably false or misleading information created, presented and disseminated for economic gain or to intentionally deceive the public". Misinformation is verifiably false information that is spread without the intention to mislead, often shared because the user believes it to be true. The spread of both disinformation and misinformation can have a range of consequences, such as threatening our democracies, polarising debates, and putting the health, security and environment of EU citizens at risk.

Large-scale disinformation campaigns are a major challenge for Europe and require a coordinated response from EU countries, EU institutions, social networks, news media and EU citizens. The Commission has developed a number of initiatives to tackle disinformation..." and goes on to identify several initiatives it undertook to counter this threat to democracy.