Youths Promoting 4 Competences for Democratic Values in Europe is a Cooperation Partnership between 8 organisations from Malta, Italy, France, The Republic of North Macedonia, Turkey and Slovakia.

"...it is necessary to breed and empower critical voting both at the level of national EU member states and at the European level. This need becomes even more imperative if we take into consideration that populists on the back of disinformation try to impose their detrimental agendas across Europe."

                              - Report for Sustainable Equality (2019-2024)


This is why Pros4Democracy will equip and empower youths so that they:

  • acquire competences needed by critical voters to be knowledgeable about what is happening around them through higher media literacy,
  • become aware of the European values of democracy, social solidarity and sustainable equality through socio-emotional literacy and social justice literacy,
  • will be active EU citizens ready willing and able to promote European values in their future professional life and
  • up their skills and confidence in being more eloquent promoters of democratic rights and European values.

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